Final Blog Post for OSD600

This blog post documents my experience going through Open Source Development (OSD600) course at Seneca College.

Throughout the semester, I’ve learned a lot about open source development and collaboration.

I’ve learnt how to collaborate with other developers through many different tools, especially Slack (collaborating chat tool), GitHub (web-based code hosting service), and Git (version control system). In addition, I’ve been introduced to new concepts regarding open source development through many different excellent sources on OSD600 wiki, and having a wonderful professor like David Humphrey for guidance.

Through working on open source projects, I’ve had to deal with many different ideas and concepts (ex: languages, technologies, …) that I’ve never seen before. It was challenging at first, but after I get through them, it was satisfying and gave me more incentive and confidence to participate in more open source works.

Overall, I think this is a great course that introduces valuable information and practices that will get me ready for the workforce after I graduate.

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